About the Album

Integrating his musical passions with those that have greatly influenced him, including various New Orleans piano, jazz, R&B and rock styles, Winston conveys a sense of life through his music, with a sensibility of the seasons and topographies of Mother Earth.

GULF COAST BLUES & IMPRESSIONS 2 benefits the work of groups such as The Voice of the Wetlands organization, which was established by musician Tab Benoit in 2004 as a volunteer-based non-profit organization, to raise awareness and develop educational outlets & programs about the loss of the wetlands in southern Louisiana, and to also help heal the damage from the oil spill.

Liner Notes

* Liner notes are often not available on iTunes and other digital music stores.

Track Listing

Part One

  1. New Orleans Shall Rise Again #7 (Are the Levees Shored Up In America?) 4:51
  2. Pixie #6 in E Minor (Gobajie) 3:28
  3. Kindred Spirit 3:48
  4. Elements 6:14
  5. Fanning the Flames 6:03

Part Two

  1. The Gulf Will Live Again #1 3:58
  2. Georgianna 6:44
  3. The Cries of the Wetlands 1 3:23
  4. The Cries of the Wetlands 2 3:47
  5. New Orleans Slow Dance 3:49
  6. An African in the Americas 10:07