About the Album

George Winston's debut album BALLADS AND BLUES 1972 was first recorded for the late great solo guitarist John Fahey's Takoma label, and was originally titled PIANO SOLOS. This new reissue provides insight into the pianist's roots with expanded liner notes and bonus tracks.

Liner Notes

* Liner notes are often not available on iTunes and other digital music stores.

Track Listing

  1. Highway Hymn Blues 3:00
  2. Song 3:20
  3. Go 'Way From My Window 1:30
  4. The Woods East of Deland 2:58
  5. Brenda's Blues 1:44
  6. Miles City Train 5:59
  7. New Hope Blues 1:40
  8. Theme for a Futuristic Movie 1:55
  9. Rag 5:55
  10. Untitled 5:49