About the Album

George Winston revisits his musical hero for a second time on LOVE WILL COME: THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI, VOL. 2, a wide-ranging collection of Guaraldi interpretations that follows up the 1996 album LINUS & LUCY: THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI. Jazz pianist Vince Guaraldi (1928-1976) is beloved by generations of music fans for his scores to Charlie Brown television specials.

Many of the songs on Winston's new album are from the Charlie Brown episodes, including "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown," "Love Will Come," "Woodstock," and several others. The album also features Guaraldi compositions from his jazz albums. Click here to read a great 1981 article on Vince by Bob Doerschuk for Keyboard Magazine.

LOVE WILL COME was also reissued as a limited edition double vinyl album with three bonus tracks which are now available on CD as well:

1. Dilemma (Vince Guaraldi)
2. Seeds for Thought (Vince Guaraldi)/ Blues for Oscar (George Winston)
3. Christmas Time is Here (Vince Guaraldi)
These three songs are also on the deluxe edition of LOVE WILL COME on iTunes.

Liner Notes

* Liner notes are often not available on iTunes and other digital music stores.

Track Listing

  1. Time for Love 2:23
  2. It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown 2:10
  3. Macedonia/ Little David 4:48
  4. Woodstock 4:11
  5. Fenwyck's Farfel/ Calling Dr. Funk 3:33
  6. Room at the Bottom 3:40
  7. Air Music 2:39
  8. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown 3:13
  9. You're Elected, Charlie Brown/ Little Birdie 7:23
  10. Brasilia 2:03
  11. Jambos (Casaba) 4:53
  12. Pebble Beach/ Dolores Park 4:18
  13. Love Will Come/ Slow Dance 4:17
  14. Rain, Rain, Go Away 4:19
  15. Nobody Else 5:04
  16. Love Will Come 2 2:48