Set Lists

The Seasons Performance Hall

SEP 29 2016 Yakima, WA

Winter Show

First Set:

1. Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving/ Mika’s 3/4 Blues  –(first song by Vince Guaraldi) – the first song is from George’s album LINUS AND LUCY-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI Vol 1.    

2. Colors/ Tamarac Pines – from George’s albums AUTUMN and FOREST.

3.  Linus & Lucy/ Waiting for the Great Pumpkin (aka Graveyard Theme)/ The Great Pumpkin Waltz (by Vince Guaraldi) - the first and third songs are from George’s album LINUS AND LUCY-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI Vol 1, and BAY OF GOLD-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI Vol 3, and LOVE WILL COME-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI-Vol 2.

4. Moon/ Lights in the Sky – from AUTUMN and FOREST.      

5.Funeral March of a Marionette [aka the Alfred Hitchcock Theme] (by Charles Gounod, 1872)/ Dog & Cat (Stride piano piece inspired by Thomas “Fats” Waller, Teddy Wilson, and Donald Lambert).                    

6. Hawaiian Slack Key guitar piece: Kuuipo Ona Ona (by Maddy Lam, arranged by Fred Punahoa, learned from Led Kaapana).


Second Set:

1. Prelude/ Carol of the Bells/ Cloudburst  â€“ from DECEMBER and PLAINS.      

2. Returning/ The Cradle  (second song by Larry Young) - from FOREST.

3. Bouquet 1 (More Than You Know) – from SPRING CAROUSEL – A CANCER RESEARCH BENEFIT.      

4. The Masked Marvel  [by Vince Guaraldi] - from LINUS AND LUCY-THE MUSIC OF VINCE GUARALDI Vol 1.

5. Harmonica piece: Nancy’s Waltz (by Chris Romaine).      

6. Thanksgiving – from DECEMBER.

7. Building the Snowman/ The Snowman’s Music Box Dance  (Medley from THE SNOWMAN by Howard Blake) – from FOREST.

8. Love Hides (by the Doors).    


Encore - guitar piece: Cancian Mixteca  [Immigrant’s Lament]  (by Mexican composer Jose Lopez Alvavez, 1915).