Liner Notes - Remembrance

Piano, Guitar and Harmonica Solos

Dedicated to those who have perished, their loved ones, and all who are helping others.

100% of artist’s royalties from this recording will benefit relief funds those affected by 9/11, and will continue in the future to assist people in need.

Lament (2:26)

Where Are You Now (4:09)

Remembrance (3:55)

Where the Sun Rises First (Kumakahi) (5:11)

By the great Hawaiian Slack Key guitarists Moses Kahumoku and George Kahumoku, Jr.

Farewell Medley

Farewell (Traditional Scottish) / Kindness Emerging (G. Winston) / America, My Country ‘Tis of Thee (Samuel Francis Smith, 1831) / Taps (Daniel Butterfield & Oliver Norton, 1862) (8:55)

Daughters and Sons (4:31)

Two songs played as a medley, composed by L. Ke'ala Kwan, Jr., eldest son of the late, great, and most influential Hawaiian Slack Key guitarist Leonard Kwan. Ke'ala composed these lullabies in the beautiful Hawaiian tradition of composing songs for newborn children, and titled them Makahiamoe 'o Ke'ala (Lullaby for Ke'ala) for his daughter and Makahiamoe 'o Ka'oluokalani (Lullaby for Ka'oluokalani) for his son. For all the daughters and sons carrying on.

Guitar Tunings: The guitar is tuned to Open G Tuning (D-G-D-G-B-D, from the lowest pitched string to the highest). Where Are You Now is played in the key of D, and Where the sun Rises First (Kumakahi) is played in the key of G.

Harmonica Tunings: The Farewell medley is played on two different Lee Oscar harmonicas. The first two songs are on a Diatonic in the key of C, played in the key of G. The last two songs are also played in the key of G on a C Diatonic, but with the two F notes tuned up to F#.

Recorded September 16 and 17, 2001
Produced by George Winston, Cathy Econom and Howard Johnston
Engineered and mastered by Howard Johnston
Additional engineering by Justin Lieberman, Jon Mayer, Mark Slagle, Adam Muñoz
Graphic Design by Janene Higgins

All songs composed or arranged by George Winston and published by Dancing Cat Music (BMI), except Where the Sun Rises First (Kumakahi) by Moses Kahumoku and George Kahumoku Jr., and published by Onipa`a Publishing Company (BMI), and Daughters and Sons by L. Keala Kwan, Jr., published by L. Keala Kwan.
Special thank you to Pua Lilia, Paula Perlis, Keala Kwan, Jr., George Kahumoku Jr., Moses Kahumoku, Sam Hinton, Adam Miller, Chris Orrall, George Levinson, Amy West, Ginger Crosby, Simone Dreifuss, Susan Skaggs, Ben Churchill, Corrina Burnley, Jennifer Ramsey, Gail Korich, Cathleen Taylor-Schultes, Belinda Au, KSA, David Weyner, Greg Barbero, Josie DiChiara, Janene Higgins, Steve Orselet, Kathy Callahan, Bob Jamieson, Jack Rovner, Mark Tavern, Elizabeth Wright, Debbie Eisen, Jeff Walker, Lucy Sabini, ALL the hard working people at Windham Hill/RCA/BMG in New York City, Gary Stiffelman, Nancy Sweeney, Bobo, Ted Greene, Jane McHugh, Erica Sugita, Dr. Janet Ross and the late Michael Hedges.