Liner Notes - Gulf Coast Blues & Impressions - A Hurricane Relief Benefit

All of the artist’s proceeds from this album will go directly to the Dancing Cat Benefit Fund to be distributed to organizations helping people on the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans to rebuild and return - organizations such as Common Ground and others.

The great New Orleans R&B pianists are the ones who have inspired me to play the piano the most - especially Professor Longhair (Henry Roeland Byrd), James Booker, and Henry Butler, as well as Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, and Jon Cleary;- and also New Orleans pianists Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton, Tony Jackson, James Brown Humphrey, Alfred Wilson, Albert Carroll, Sammy Davis, Game Kid, Buddy Carter, Josky Adams, Luis Russell, Frank Richards, Buddy Bertrand, Joseph Louis "Red" Cayou, Mamie Desdoume, Kid Rock (the early 1900s pianist), Louis Moreau Gottschalk, Clarence Williams, Frank Amacker, Sweet Emma Barrett, Jeanette Salvant Kimball, Billie Pierce, Dolly Douroux Adams, Lizzie Miles (Elizabeth Landeraux), Blue Lu Barker, Eurreal “Little Brother” Montgomery, Roosevelt Sykes, Isidore “Tuts” Washington, Paul Gayton, Clarence “Frogman” Henry, Richard M. Jones, Joe Robichaux, Burnell Santiago, Sadie Goodson, Olivia Charlot (Olivia “Lady Charlotte” Cook), Walter “Fats” Pichon, Alton Purnell, Manuel Manetta, Lester Santiago, Octave Crosby, Fate Marable, Henry Ragas, Steve Louis, Mickey Marcour, Mr. Pertuit, Jeff Riddick, John Royan, Armand Hug, Don Ewell, Morten Gunnar Larsen, Butch Thompson, Sam Henry, Dave “Fatman” Williams, Al Broussard, Pleasant “Cousin Joe” Joseph, Henry Gray, Kid Stormy Weather, Sullivan Rock, Piano Blue, Robert Bertrand, Champion Jack Dupree, Walter Decou, Alex “Duke” Burrell, Frank “Little Daddy” Moliere, Eddie Bo (Bocage), Archibald (Leon T. Gross), James “Sugar Boy” Crawford, Herbert “Woo Woo” Moore, Ellis Marsalis, Frank Strazzeri, James Drew, Ronnie Kole, Fred Crane, John Probst, Joe Burton, F. A. Cassanova, Tony D’Amore, Ronnie Dupont, Johnny Elgin, Ed Fenasci, Red Fredd, Jack Hebert, Rusty Mayne, Pete Monteleone, Triggs Morgan, Larry Muhoberac, Snookum Russell, Bunkie Withee, Dave West, Junie Mays, Michael Torregano, Roger Dickerson, Huey Smith, Art Neville, Salvador Doucette, Fats Domino, Edward Frank, Esquerita (Eskew Reeder), Tommy Ridgley, Willie Tee (Turbinton), John Berthelot, Big Chief Jolly (George Landry), Al Johnson, Ronnie Barron, Carol Fran, Tom McDermott, Amasa Miller, David Thomas Roberts, Joel Simpson, David Torkanowsky, David Todd Paquette, Phil Parnell, Harry Connick, Jr., Josh Paxton, Joe Krown, Frank Chase (Professor Bigstuff), Bob Andrews, Davell Crawford, Ivan Neville, John Magnie, Rickie Monie, Tom Worrell, Marcia Ball, Mitch Woods, Philip Melancon, Luther G. Williams, Tom Roberts, David Egan, Bob Greene, Lars Edegran, Bob Discon, Roy Zimmerman, James “Sing” Miller, Stanley Mendelson, Lawrence Seiberth, Eddie Volker (aka Zeke Fishhead), Willie Metcalf, Doug Bickel, Frederick Sanders, Richard Knox, Sam Joyner, Phamous Lambert, John (Pickett) Brunious, Ed Perkins, Walter Lewis, Peter Martin, Peter Cho, Darrell Lavigne, Emile Vinette, Jonathan Batiste, Victor “Red” Atkins, Frederick James McCray, Jesse McBride, Matt Lemmler, Richard Johnson, John Royen, John Autin, Michael Pellera, Jon Cowherd, Jim Markway, Tom Hook, Mike Dennis (aka Mike Bunis), Marc Adams, David Reis, Dave Tarantolo, Chuck Chaplin, Topsy Chapman, Noah Levi, Adam Matasar, Sanford Hinderlie, Lawrence Cotton, "Piano Bob" Wilder, Nelson Lunding, David Boeddinghaus, John Sheridan, Steve Conn, Thomas Gerdiken, Keiko Komaki, Artie Seeling, Stanley Mendelson, Jim Hession, John Mahoney, Craig Brenner, David Morgan, David Ellington, Gerald Tillman, Glenn Patscha, Austin Johnson, Warner Williams, Ralph Gipson, Meghan Swartz, Michael Bagent, Kim Phillips, Marvell Thomas, Craig Wroten, Sammy Berfect, C. R. Gruver, Bill Malchow, Kyle Roussel, Bruce “Sunpie” Barnes, John “Papa” Gros, Jeff “Snake” Greenberg, “Big Joe” Kennedy, Yoshitaka "Z2" Tsuji, Danny Williams, George "Keys" Izquierdo, Ronald Markham, Josh Charles, Marcel Richardson, Courtnay Bryan, Liz McComb, Judith Owen, Mari Watanabe, Cynthia Chen, Lee Burton, Laverne Smith, Theresa Kelly, Conus Pappas, Jr., Wil Sargisson, C. Wayne McAllister, Mike Wadsworth, Mike Esnault, Lee Pons, Richard Scott (Scott Obenschein), Jimmy Maxwell, Bart Ramsey, Bobby Lounge, Zaza Marjanishvili, Big Mama Sunshine, Brett Richardson, Brian Coogan, Eduardo Tozzatto, Dave Egan, Jonathan Lefkowski, Steve Pistorius, Kenny Bill Stinson, Davis Rogan, Nicholas Sanders, Ratty Scurvics, Robert Pinsky, Henry Gray, A. J. Loria, Albinas Prizgintas, Sarah McCoy, Wilson Savoy, and more… and many other New Orleans musicians….

1. New Orleans Shall Rise Again (2:43)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

Inspired by the New Orleans pianist/composer Allen Toussaint, as well as New Orleans pianists James Booker, Henry Butler, Dr. John, and Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton. .

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2. Creole Moon (6:23)
(Dr. John – Bug Music/Fonkalot Music, BMI)

By the New Orleans pianist and ambassador Dr. John, from his 2001 album CREOLE MOON.

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3. Pixie (5:16)
(James Booker – Cotillion Music, BMI)

By the late great New Orleans pianist James Booker (1939-1983). James Booker was the first one to take R&B, Soul music, Blues, New Orleans music and the Professor Longhair and Ray Charles influences, and make a whole solo piano style from all these traditions and more, which encompassed seven different ways of playing.
This song is from his solo piano 1976 album JUNCO PARTNER, the album I have learned more from than any other album about how I want to play the piano. James Booker is the pianist who has influenced my overall piano playing the most, and when arranging pieces to interpret I usually involuntarily think of playing the piano in terms of several of his piano languages.

I have recently been doing more solo piano dances playing R&B, slow dance songs and more, and most of those songs I play in ways that I learned from James Booker, as well as from Henry Butler and Professor Longhair.

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4. The Breaks (4:15)

By the New Orleans R&B and Jazz pianist Henry Butler, from his 1992 album BLUES & MORE, VOLUME 1. Henry is the pianist I have been studying the most since I first heard him in 1985. In my view, he has taken R&B piano to its ultimate height, and you need to see him live to fully experience his music.

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5. Pixie #3 [Gobajie] (4:17)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

Inspired by the late New Orleans pianist James Booker.
Gobajie (1984-1997) was a kitty who loved music. She would listen attentively to live playing or recordings, and whenever the music stopped she would respond by singing.
(There is also a song Pixie #2, also inspired by James Booker, that will be on a future recording).

6. Stevenson (1:57)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

Dedicated to my dear late friend, New Orleans filmmaker Stevenson J. Palfi (1952-2005), who made the wonderful film PIANO PLAYERS RARELY EVER PLAY TOGETHER about the New Orleans pianists Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, and Isidore “Tuts” Washington. He also produced the film SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT about the late violinist Papa John Creach, and the upcoming documentary release SONGWRITER, UNKNOWN about the New Orleans composer/pianist Allen Toussaint.

7. Gulf Coast Lullaby – part 1 (2:38)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

8. Gulf Coast Lullaby - part 2 (2:51)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

9. When the Saints Go Marching In (11:55)
(traditional New Orleans, arranged by George Winston - Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

The way I play this song is influenced and inspired by New Orleans pianists Henry Butler, James Booker, and Dr. John, as well as Jon Cleary; and also by the South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim (who has also recorded under the name Dollar Brand), as well as stride pianists Thomas “Fats” Waller (1904-1939), Teddy Wilson (1912-1986), and Earl Hines (1905-1983).
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10. Blues for Fess, Beloved (4:56)
(George Winston – Dancing Cat Music, BMI)

Inspired by the late great New Orleans pianist Professor Longhair (Henry Roeland Byrd, 1918-1980), who was the founder of the New Orleans R&B piano scene in the late 1940s. He inspired and influenced so many pianists and musicians in New Orleans and beyond, including the New Orleans pianists James Booker, Henry Butler, Allen Toussaint, Dr. John, Jon Cleary, Fats Domino, Huey Smith, Art Neville, and many others.

Another benefit album is planned, called GULF COAST BLUES AND IMPRESSIONS - A RELIEF BENEFIT 2 .

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Cover photo: Louisiana Landscape, a hand tinted photograph by Louisiana photographer Harriet Blum, taken of the marsh near Lake Pontchartrain on Bayou Bonfouca, Slidell, Louisiana, not far from the Gulf of Mexico.

Produced by George Winston. Production assistance by Howard Johnston and Cathy Econom. A Dancing Cat Production

Engineered by Howard Johnston

Additional engineering by Loredana Crisan, Justin Lieberman, Rachel Allgood, Matt Silveira, Tyler Crowder, and Aaron DeMatteo

Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood, CA.

Piano technician: John Pfeifer

Art direction/ design by Frank Harkins

Editorial assistance by Chris Orrall

Research assistance by Gail Korich and Chris Orrall

Special thanks to:

the late Stevenson Palfi, Alfred Palfi, Nell Palfi, Polly Waring, Henry Butler, the late Henry Roeland Byrd (Professor Longhair), the late James Booker, Dr John, Jon Cleary, Allen Toussaint, Thomas “Fats” Waller, the late Teddy Wilson, the late Earl Hines, Beverly Cook, Ling-Wen Tsai, Rick Epping, Sam Hinton, Pua Lilia, Eve Rantzer, Martha Benedict, John Pfeifer, Tony & Sally & Kenji & Kitter Espinoza, Bernie Grundman, Colin Chambers & Marie Lewis at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Linda Moody, Tammy Fortin, Marci Wolfe, Diane Nangala Stanitski, Chris Orrall, Sondra Daly, Wei-Shan Liu, Teri Untalan, Kimberly Contreras, Simone Dreifuss, Janathan Miller, Andre Routi, Madalyn Suozzo, Margaret Ezekiel, Allyson Adams, Kevin O’Halloran, Kesa Duffy, Cindy, Angela, Daisy, Anne Peery, Kathy Ryuts, Mary Boyle, Carol Ferron, Marlys Sowell, Arlene Schar, Annette Sendak, Lina Sorrentino, Laurie Snedden, Frosty & Beth & Asher Horton, Shad & Angie Weathersby, John & Denise Meunier, Harriet Blum, Marc & Ann Savoy, Sam Broussard, Curt Bouterse, Steve Ferguson, Wendy Waldman, the late Ted Greene, Barbara Franklin, Michael Boshears, Sheila Devitt, Helen Mulroney, Jill Rittermal, Connie Knight, Pamela Sacco, Cindy Sealy, Diane Rhoades, Terri Krakower, Po Mahina, Sandy Ritz, the late Joe Stribling, Tish & John-Michael Stribling, Susan & Bill Bailey, Arthur Hewitt, Tony Hewitt, Monica Blache, Danielle Thibeaux, Kathryn Dipuppo, Gary Stiffelman, Paula Perlis, and Wendy Dubit; everyone at Dancing Cat; Jeb Hart, Stacie Negas, Nathan Sedlander & everyone at BMG/Sony; and all my friends & everyone in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

Some recommended documentaries:(for these and more great ones go to the Louisiana Music Factory music store in New Orleans -
1. PIANO PLAYERS RARELY EVER PLAY TOGETHER - Stevenson Palfi’s 1982 documentary about New Orleans pianists Professor Longhair, Allen Toussaint, and Isidore “Tuts” Washington - now restored and remastered by Blaine Dunlap & the Palfi Family.
2. BURY THE HATCHET –Aaron Walker’s 2010 documentary about the post-Katrina Mardi Gras Indians.
3. SONGWRITER, UNKNOWN – the late Stevenson Palfi’s documentary on Allen Toussaint – (to be finished by Aaron Walker and released in the future).
4. THE MUSIC’S GONNA GET YOU THROUGH – documentary by Gabrielle Mullem on pianist Henry Butler’s New Orleans music camp for visually impaired and handicapped teenagers.

5. WHEN THE LEVEES BROKE –Spike Lee’s 2006 documentary, with soundtrack by Terence Blanchard.
6. IF GOD IS WILLING AND DA CREEK DON’T RISE –Spike Lee’s 2010 follow-up New Orleans documentary, with soundtrack by Terence Blanchard.
7. THE BIG UNEASY –Harry Shearer’s 2010 documentary about the urgent situation of the New Orleans levees.

8. FAURBOURG TREME - THE UNTOLD STORY OF BLACK NEW ORLEANS – documentary by Dawn Logsdon and Lolis Eric Elie.

Some post-Katrina music books (also go to the Louisiana Music Factory music store in New Orleans for these and more):
1. UP FROM THE CRADLE OF JAZZ- NEW ORLEANS MUSIC SINCE WW II (by Jason Berry, Jonathan Foose & Tad Jones) - updated edition)
2. NEW ORLEANS-PLAYING A JAZZ CHORUS – (by Samuel Charters) - overview of the traditional jazz scene
3. SONG FOR MY FATHERS-A NEW ORLEANS STORY IN BLACK AND WHITE – (by Tom Sanction) – another overview of the traditional jazz scene
4. COMING OUT THE DOOR for THE NINTH WARD –(by Nine Times Social and Pleasure Club) – the members of the band write about their lives, parades, and the rebuilding

Other New Orleans music books (also go to the Louisiana Music Factory music store in New Orleans for these and more):